FROM: Emilis Strimaitis



Dear friend,


Would you like to earn $1,000+ a month without product, website or traffic - EVERY single month like clockwork? Then close your office door, shut off the phone and carefully read every word of this important letter because it may be the most vital piece of information you'll discover in 2011!



I'm writing you this letter for a personal reason. I've rarely written notes like this in the past, but I feel that it is essential to bring this to your attention.


The information I'm about to reveal to you, has been hidden from the general public and I've seen a lot of sufferring as a result. No more. I refuse to silently stand in the sidelines, watching people get hurt.


After all, protecting the helpless and 'doing the right thing' is what makes us different from wild animals, don't you agree?


...Back to the purpose of this letter...


I've been online since early April 2009. I've seen it all when it comes to making money on the internet and here's just a few instantly iraumatizing lies I've seen being spread and 'sold' in the last couple of years:


Throughout the years, honest & hardworking people just like you, have been awefully mislead. Lied to even... They've been told they need a product to make money. Nothing could have been further from the truth. But wait, there's more!


Same goes for having your own website or blog. You don't need one to pay your bills. In the next 5 minutes I will expose a simple system that pays rent with no product or website! But I'll to it in a minute, first, there's one more blatant internet marketing lie we haven't covered...


Please remember this point. Contrary to the common misbelief, you DO NOT need traffic to make money online. You can make money WITHOUT Google, WITHOUT Facebook, WITHOUT EzineArticles, WITHOUT YouTube ...and Frankly WITHOUT any kind of traffic generation.






Your long awaited solution to making money on-demand with no previous experience, special technichal skills or astronomic financial investments! In fact, all you need is just 30-60 minutes a day, to bank enough cold hard cash to pay rent and utility bills!


Interesting Fact: This breakthrough new system has already been named "Pay Your Rent System" by some of the industry leaders who were able to get a sneak peak of what's inside...


A few examples of what you'll discover...


What Fiverr is and why it can be paying your bills in as little as 15 minutes from now...p.6


The IDEA behind Fiverr and the necessary mindset you ought to equip yourself with in order to successfully milk it for EASY CASH! Get THIS - and you're in the money zone! p.5-6


I'll take you through an easy-to-follow 8-step process of setting up and customizing your Fiverr account so you can start immediately making money. Many first-time Fiverr members get this wrong and end up wasting WEEKS (if not MONTHS) trying to figure it out on their own... p. 6-8


The 5 key features of a successful Fiverr listing. By neglecting either one of these 5 vital ingredients, you're risking to miss out on a tremendous amount of potential money to be made. In fact, you'd realize you're missing out on even more money when ignoring this advice, if you'd consider the FACT that 20% of Fiverr customers order 2-4 identical gigs (on average) per month! p. 8-11


You'll know the most underutilized technique to effectively pre-sell your Fiverr gigs to triple-double profits INSTANTLY... This powerful secret will jumpstart you heads above the competition. p.11-13


20 (that's TWENTY) tested money making methods to make money OUTSIDE Fiverr that require Fiverr to get started. I compiled the most successful ideas into 1 HOT top-list for you. p. 13-16


Honesty Statement: Some of these 20 methods require a website or a small start up investment. You DO NOT have to use these methods in order to bank $1,000.00/month with Fiverr Domination. But these methods can (and should) be used to multiply your Fiverr earnings.


7 blazingly obvious (yet underappreciated) ways (6 free & 1 low cost) to get the word out about your Fiverr gigs that will easily add an extra $200-$400 to your bottom line. p. 17-25


5 Fiverr clones you can dominate in addition to Fiverr. Hint: 99% of Fiverr members are clueless about these clone-sites, leaving you with very few people to compete with... if any! p. 26


The special secret strategy that lets you leverage other Fiverr sellers and make money, all without doing any work (this special tip alone is worth more than the cost of this whole guide). p. 14


And much more...


And, here's some really good news...





Did you know that it's NOT cheap to get successful Fiverr marketers to reveal their secrets? In fact, believe it or not, it would cost you $1,500.00-$3,500.00 to get any one of those arrogant snobs to reveal their secrets to a raw beginner with no rep...


But I don't want you to get upset, because I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that much money for revealing my system to you today. And before I reveal my fee, I'd like you to ask you one more important questions...


Would you be willing to invest $1000 one time for the ability to make $1000/month for the rest of your life? For most people it's a no brainer. You will not only make every penny back the first month, but you'll be doubling your investment monthly for the rest of your life!


However, here's the fatal flaw in this kind of thinking:


Most people who are just getting started online simply do not have that kind of money to begin with. It's kind of "catch 22" isn't it? You need money to make money. And that's where most people get stuck. That is why, I'd like you to know that...


...I'm eating steak tonight no matter if you invest into this system today or not. I'm not even going to be bothered if you call me a "Scammer" or a "Ripoff", because, as I mentioned earlier, I'm ALREADY making money and I don't need to sell another product to pay my bills.


And that is why, for a limited time, I'm inviting you to FLAT OUT STEAL my until-now-hidden blueprint for...


In the next few minutes, with your permission, I'm going to send you the digital version of "Fiverr Domination" for JUST $7!


This turnkey system is filled with everything youn need to start making enough money with Fiverr to pay your rent and utility bills every month... starting THIS MONTH!


Inside you will get everything you need to get started making money on demand without breaking into a cold sweat... Even if you never made a red cent online before.


And better yet, it's all layed out in plain english, with lots of screenshots and detailed 'do-this-do-that' instructions even a complete dumbass could easily follow.


Copy my success! Get started right now by clicking the download button below...



Why am I doing this:


I need some rock solid documented, chronicled success stories for future promotions! I'm banking on the fact that such a low start up fee and my UNLIMITED email support will guarantee YOUR success story!


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To invest in even more Internet marketing programs, eBooks, membership sites and courses that sell the idea of having an email list or sucking up to Google?


To go over everything over and over again, trying to soak up the information and making it a part of you?

To attend just one more seminar to learn the latest, cutting-edge information and tricks in product creation and time management?

Don't get me wrong, these are all good things, and hopefully they've put you on the right path.




Are you mad at me yet?

Are you "steamin' and screamin'" and saying to yourself, "How dare he say I'm sitting around on my duff and not getting anything done!


Well? If you're not mad, fired-up, or just plain fed-up – you should be!!!



I want you to get so stinking annoyed at all my braggadocio that you finally DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Do exactly what I'd do today if I were in your shoes:


Go out and find someone who will apprentice you… someone who'll show you the ropes and more. Do like people back in the 19th century did. Go out and find yourself a "master blacksmith" and apprentice with him – pour your blood, sweat and tears into the work… get inside their head, learn their skills, and then


In fact, that's exactly what I'm proposing!



Simply follow the well-layed-out path I've clearly drawn for you in "Fiverr Domination" and you'll never have to worry about the Economy ever again!


Your bills will be payed.


Your rent will be payed.


You will sleep at night knowing that YOU made it happen.


It wasn't just some dumb luck. Your success was a result of carefully chosen actions, a plan of attack if you will, that resulted in complete satisfaction!


...And to ensure your safety, I'm backing you up with my...



The next move is up to you.


I've shown you that "Fiverr Domination" is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you've read this far in the letter, you're seriously interested in improving your lifestyle and personal income.


All that is left to do now is take action:


To your infinite success,



 P.S. As my "Thank You" for taking me up on this offer before the midnight of , I'll also send you a priceless free gift you can keep no matter what you think about "Fiverr Domination".


It's a set of 33 desktop wallpapers I'd like to call:




These, seemlessley passive tools, will help you become a subsconscious money magnet. You will be able to attract money into your life ALMOST EFFORTLESSLEY! All you need to do is just put these babies on your PC or Laptop desktop and let them sit there, automatically programming your brain to attract money and wealth.


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